Upcoming Exhibitions at the Allentown Art Museum!

Allentown Art Museum

Allentown, Pennsylvania is home to one of the most engaging art installations in the nation; the Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley welcomes thousands of visitors every year to view their various collections and experience their educational programs.

Above the Fold: New Expressions in Origami

Above the Fold is a traveling art exhibit that displays origami from around the world. From March 5th to May 28th, 2017. Origami is an ancient, Japanese art form that involves folding pieces of paper into identifiable objects and animals; nine different artists have their masterful work shown at this demonstration.

Allentown Art Museum

Francie Bishop Good: COMUS Series

Francie Bishop Good is an extraordinarily unique artist, digitally altering photographs from her mother’s 1942 yearbook, also utilizing pictures from her own 1967 high school yearbook. Using collages and the use of different coloring, Francie Bishop Good is able to display elements of American culture during these two time periods; her work will be presented on April 30th, until June 11th, 2017.

Paul Kania Collection

Since the mid-1990’s, Paul Kania has donated hundreds of works of art to the Allentown Art Museum. With a passion for twentieth-century artwork, along with some contemporary pieces, Kania has a rich taste for art; his collection of donated pieces will be displayed from June 25th to September 3rd, 2017.

Through Paul Kania’s generosity, he has become one of Allentown’s most charitable donors. For over 75 years, the Allentown Art Museum has inspired generations of art enthusiasts, becoming one of the most important art installations in the area. The artwork within this museum’s confines is often rare; a multitude of priceless pieces showcase human creativity, over thousands of years.

Adult admission is $12, seniors and students are $10, children under 5 are free, and there is no admission charge on Thursdays 4-8 P.M. and Sundays 12-4 P.M.

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