Stock Up on Candy at a Nearby Candy Shop!

Chocolates at a candy shop

Halloween is just around the corner. This season has a way of putting you in the mood for sweets. Are you looking to stock up on holiday goodies at a local candy retailer. Check out this list and discover which candy shop has the treats you’re searching for.

Josh Early Candies

Find the sweet treats that you’ve been craving at Josh Early Candies in Allentown. The history of this candy shop begins in the early 1900’s, so they have lots of experience with making options that visitors love. From assorted chocolates to toffee and caramels, this local shop has all of the classics. Are you in the mood for mint candy, pretzels, or nuts? You can find what you’re looking for here. Their items are fresh, delicious, and will definitely go fast. So, be sure to buy them by the tub!

Lolli and Pops

Discover gourmet options unlike anything you’ve ever tasted at Lolli and Pops. This Whitehall, PA candy retailer offers a variety of delicious options, ranging from dessert truffles and sea salt caramels to chocolate potato chips and decorated rice crispy cakes. “Unique” is their specialty. So, when it comes to candies and confections, Lolli and Pops is your go-to spot.

Premise Maid

With over 30 years of experience, this family business “was founded on the notion that all the chocolates were made to be on the premises.” Since the development of Premise Maid, the Damiano family has been dedicated to producing fresh, high-quality chocolate as a fundamental philosophy of the establishment. Today, that philosophy has surely paid off, as this candy store offers a large selection of items that locals absolutely love. For this season, check out their Autumn candies and Autumn gift boxes. They are filled with sweet, festively decorated goodies. Brace yourself – these treats taste even better than they look!

The Chocolate Lab

Craving chocolate? The Chocolate Lab is just the place for you. Each piece is made with so much love and passion, and you can taste the dedication to excellence in every single bite. Oh, and that’s not all you’ll taste in these delicious treats. These chocolates are also made fresh every day. Therefore, you will experience a burst of flavor unlike any other treat you’ve had before!

Arlene, the owner, uses her chocolates as a way to convey the idea that others should follow their own passions as well. Who wouldn’t want to visit a place that is devoted to inspiring the customers? So, be sure to stop by and try out the nut and fruit clusters, chocolate covered espresso beans, peanut butter potato chip chunks, chocolate covered Oreos, and so much more. You are sure to leave satisfied.


So, what are you waiting for? Hop into a vehicle from Scott Cars in Allentown, PA and head out to the candy shop nearest you and find the sweets you’ve been craving, today!