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The Silverado HD Introduces an Alaskan Edition

Chevrolet has made multiple special editions of various models throughout the years. The latest is the Alaskan Edition on the Silverado HD. This recently unveiled concept version of the heavy-duty full-size pickup has some unique styling. You can expect to see it in 2017 at your local Allentown dealership. When you do, it will be… Read more »

2017 Silverado Gets a New 6.6-Liter Diesel Duramax Engine

2017 Silverado Allentown

Chevrolet has recently announced the release of an all-new 2017 Silverado featuring a new 6.6-liter diesel Duramax engine. The cutting-edge new design provides greater horsepower and torque, resulting in more reliable and easier trailering and hauling. In addition to a 19 percent increase in maximum torque, the new Duramax engine delivers smoother, quieter performance and… Read more »

Chevy Silverado 1500 vs. Toyota Tundra

Compare the Silverado 1500 with other light-duty full-size pickup trucks on the market, and you will see why so many Pennsylvania drivers choose the Silverado over the other options. Pickups are incredibly versatile. They are great for driving around town on a daily basis or can easily handle towing your boat or carrying a bed… Read more »

Chevrolet Silverado Realtree Edition Is Here!

Take full advantage of the Chevrolet Silverado’s outdoor abilities with the new Realtree Edition. This new special edition of the Silverado is inspired by the outdoors and is now available on your Silverado 1500 model. Why to Pick the Realtree Edition The Realtree Edition of the Silverado aims to add personalization, versatility, and strength to… Read more »