Top 10 Dog Parks Near Allentown!

Chances are, you love watching your dog run free without having to worry about him/her being on a leash. Watching your dog play with other dogs is great to see. They get to mingle with other dogs and also get the necessary exercise they require. For dog lovers living in and near Allentown, here are the top 10 dog parks near you!

Schuylkill River Dog Run

The Schuylkill River Dog Run offers great shade to both dogs and owners. It is a perfect place to get away from it all. It has been a great place to come and relax since 1997. Dog owners can come and let their dogs run free and bond with the other dogs while they chat with other owners.

Horsham Dog Park

Opened on October 25, 2008, the Horsham Dog Park consists of 1 1/2 acres where both owner and dogs can come and meet other dogs and their owners from the area. Horsham Dog Park includes fenced areas for both small and large dogs. To get there just take the path located on the left side of the park’s pond. A great attribute of the park is that Horsham Township donated the land and the surrounding community is responsible for all park maintenance. All funds which are collected relating to the park goes towards the enhancement of the park. A stipulation that exists states that as long as the park is maintained, it will always be open to all users.

Reservoir Dogs Park

Volunteers solely run the Reservoir Dogs Park and the public is welcome with open paws. It is located in Phoenixville, PA at Reservoir Park. The Reservoir Dog Park is also dependent on donations from the community which are tax-deductible.

Harford Park

For the Harford Park, Radnor Township is the sole owner and manager. If you are looking for a park that allows dogs to be unleashed and unfenced without a registration fee, then Harford Park is the place to be in Montgomery County. Consisting of 5 acres, it is beautifully located on top of a hill. Thick brush protects the hills and creates a boundary for all dogs. A walking path surrounds the open grass area along with plenty of trees for shade and a beautiful creek where your dog can enjoy a nice cooldown session in the water.

Curtis Hall Dog Park

The Curtis Hall Dog Park was established in 2006 at the Curtis Arboretum. With a fenced area enclosing more than an acre, there is ample space for your furry friends to stretch their legs. For owner convenience, the park furnishes a bag dispenser for your dog’s “droppings.” For small breed owners, an enclosure, especially for them, is available.

Falls Township Dog Park

This dog park has so much pet traffic that it is no wonder why it has to be maintained daily. It includes two separate runs for big and small dogs. The Falls Township Dog Park is included in another larger park. There are two walking paths; one surrounds a lake, as well as on the park’s south side.

Perkasie Dog Park

With almost one acre of land fenced, your dog can easily be off their leash to play. The Tom Bancroft Field plays host to Perkasie Dog Park located in Bucks County. The nonprofit organization PDOG runs the park independently and is fully supported by Perkasie Borough. Although the park has the support of Perkasie Borough, it has no affiliation with them as all maintenance and upkeep of the park is completed by the park’s volunteers.

Haverford Reserve Dog Park

This dog park is located at Haverford Reserve and includes 2 acres which have two fenced areas for both small and large breeds. The Haverford Reserve Dog Park includes an area for “dropping” bags and relies heavily on donations to keep the supply stocked.

Montgomery County Bark Park

At Montgomery County Bark Park, all dogs are encouraged to run free throughout the 1 acre. There is ample amount of seating for dog owners to sit and watch their dog interact with others.

Reynold’s Dog Park

Reynold’s Dog Park consists of a large, grassy running area which is just about spotless. A fence surrounds the entire park and like the others mentioned includes a section where your smaller dog can also come and enjoy themselves without being bullied by the bigger dogs.

So, as you can see, there are many dog parks to choose from for residents in and around Allentown, Pennsylvania. Now all you have to do is choose which one you would like to visit. If you are undecided, just take a trip to all of them! The Scott Family of Dealerships is thrilled to be in such a pet-friendly community that caters to all of the four-legged friends out there!