Gallery Exhibits and Upcoming Events at Penn State Lehigh Valley!

Woman gazing at artwork at Penn State Lehigh Valley

Explore and indulge in the arts at Penn State Lehigh Valley. This college showcases a variety of amazing pieces within its gallery that you are sure to enjoy. Prepare to be blown away by each featured work of art.

Penn State Lehigh Valley Art Collection

Discover over 200 works of art at at Penn State. The pieces at this location are created by regionally and internationally recognized artists and is managed by the university. This art has made its way to Penn State Lehigh Valley by way of donation, loan, or purchase. Be sure to stop by for a visit and take a look at what’s currently on display.


View beautifully created work from Elizabeth Snelling and Scott Bennett at Penn State Lehigh Valley! Both of these artists make creative use of color, carefully placing paint onto each canvas and allowing it to seamlessly settle. You’ll also notice the layering techniques used by each artist. Elizabeth positions paint in a way that maintains its smoothness, while still creating a sense of depth and dimension. Scott, on the other hand, focuses on a 3D affect. His pieces have distinct lines, but still feature so much texture that it’s even apparent through photographs. Prepare to be mind blow when you see works of art from these artists up close in person.

Featured Work:

“Queen Anne’s Lace on a Striped Runner” – Elizabeth Snelling, 2017

“Hiraeth” – Scott Bennett, 2017

Exhibit Details

Date: Until March 24, 2018

Cost: FREE and open to the public

Gallery Hours: Monday – Thursday from 11 AM until 5 PM ; Friday from 11 AM until 3 PM ; Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM ; Closed on Sundays

Arts Project

Would you like to create a masterpiece of your own? Take a class at Penn State Lehigh Valley and learn all that you need to know! Enrollment into these non-credit 12-week art courses is open to community members. You can learn about drawing, painting, jewelry and metalwork. Prepare to acquire lots of knowledge in the area that interests you.

The cost of tuition is $350 per class. Classes meet on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending upon the course that you are signed up for. Click here for more information.


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