Fall Fashion Looks Trending this Season!

Autumn fashion photo of beautiful girl

Wondering what’s trending this season? We’ve compiled a list of great fashion pieces that you’ve got to add to your closet this year. Don’t be out of date. Upgrade your wardrobe with these fall fashion looks.

Faux Fur

This item may not have come as a surprise. Faux fur has been all the rage for years, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. That’s why you should be sure to purchase a fur item of your own if you have yet to do so. It will definitely come in handy for years to come, as we can’t see this classic item going out of style. Now, the type of fur piece you choose should be appropriate for your personal style, of course. However, we recommend going BIG. The bigger the fur, the warmer and more stylish is it is, right?

Oh, and if you’d like to spice this look up a bit, nix the fur and go for feathers instead.


Plaid has undoubtedly made a well-deserved comeback this season. This print was seen all over the runway! Do you need to update your work attire? Dress it up by adding plaid prints to your collection. Are you planning a casual day out? Pair a plaid piece with a denim piece and you’ve instantly made your look much more relaxed. It goes perfectly with everything!


Speaking of denim, this is another fall fashion must-have. In fact, denim has been making its way through all of the seasons lately. Whether you are wearing a cute denim skirt in the summer or a denim-on-denim long sleeve and pant combo in the fall, this transitional piece effortlessly makes you appear more stylish. So, be sure to rack up on denim pieces during your next shopping trip!


“Shine bright like a diamond” this fall with shiny metallic pieces. From sweaters and jackets to pants and shoes, there are lots of options when it comes to incorporating this trend into your wardrobe. The specific metallic color that’s popular this year is silver. Choose between bold, paint-like silver garments and more subtle, glittery material. There are lots of ways to take on this stylish trend this season.


Monochromatic outfits have been all the rage. This season, we’re seeing the color red as a definite closet staple. Instead of just sticking to your typical autumn red sweater this year, embrace this color by going all out with an all red set. You can keep it simple by choosing a matching two-piece, or switch things up a bit by pairing red items of different textures.


Get warm and toasty this fall with leather garments. A sleek leather piece will add just the right amount of smoothness and shine to liven up any outfit. Whether you prefer wearing leather gloves or leather trench coats, this touch of sophistication will instantly change your fall fashion look – as well as your mood.

Now that you’ve got all these trends down, you just need to pick up the items you’re looking for from your local mall. So, hop into a vehicle from Scott Family of Dealerships and head over to a nearby store, today!