Find the Perfect Volunteer Opportunity Today!!

Volunteer in Allentown

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer in or around Allentown, Pennsylvania, and you should find something to do that will fulfill you and help you to use your skills for the good of someone else.

Write Grants Or Do Creative Writing

If you are a writer, then you can use your skills for the good of others by writing grants for Community Partners 4 Kids. You can also do creative writing to help them out, and you will feel good when you make a difference with your writing.

Let Your Pet Help Others

If you have a pet who you know will bring joy to others, and who is good with people, then you should think about volunteering for him to be a therapy dog for Pleasure of Your Company Therapy Dogs.

Volunteer At The Zoo

If you love animals, then the best place for you to be might be the zoo. Lehigh Valley Zoo is always looking for new and eager volunteers, and you might be able to give them just the help they are looking for.

Work In An Office

Being an office assistant for Lehigh Valley Hospice is something you will feel good about. And, even if you don’t have much office experience, you will learn it quickly.

Volunteer At Children’s Parties

You can be a part of Camelot For Children, Inc. by volunteering to help out with the children’s parties that they put together. You will make kids happy when you do this, and you will feel good about volunteering.


There are many ways that you can volunteer, and no matter what you decide to do you will feel good about it when you know that you are helping someone out. So, volunteer at the zoo or take your pet with you to volunteer. Work in an office or at children’s parties. No matter what you do best, you should do it for the good of others while making Allentown a better place for everyone to live in!