Fun Facts About the Volvo S60!

2017 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design - Sport Sedan Allentown

2017 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design - Sport Sedan Allentown

Volvo is a renowned automobile company that introduced the first generation of the Volvo S60 in 2000. Since that year, they have made millions of sales, due to the success of the vehicle. The most recent generation of the Volvo S60, introduced in 2017, is significantly gaining the attention of institutions, celebrities, and sportspeople, because of its speedy and elegant characteristics.

The model brings a luxurious feeling, comfort, and excitement to the driver and the passengers. Therefore, this is a fantastic addition to the industry of automobiles. Below are the fun facts about the current Volvo S60, which is a favorite vehicle for the residents of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Volvo S60 is Extremely Powerful

One of the best vehicles that can maneuver in the jungle efficiently without getting stuck is the Volvo S60. The engine of the automobile is powerful enough to encounter the tough challenges in poorly maintained roads. The turbocharged engine has four cylinders with 2 liters each, which has the capability to produce 240 horsepower. The 2017 model of the vehicle has a highly responsive engine, equipped with automatic transmission. Therefore, it is recommendable for the people of Allentown City, in Pennsylvania that are looking for a stylish choice with a little more power!

Volvo S60 is Excellent and Comfortable

One of the aspects that make a vehicle comfortable is its interior design. The perfect interior design of the Volvo S60, with leather seating, makes it admirable by the residents of Allentown in Pennsylvania. The vehicle is neat and elegant, and the seats are adjustable, allowing everyone to get as comfortable as they want!

Volvo S60 Guarantees Safety

One major worry for the drivers and the passengers is their safety on the road. The type of vehicle that you drive determines how safe you are with your family members. The Volvo S60 guarantees the highest amount of safety and security to its riders as possible. The brakes, steering and the stability of Volvo S60 are the aspects that make the vehicle one of the best in America and other nations.

Volvo S60: Best Choice for Sportsmen

During driving competitions, drivers need a vehicle that they will use to face their fierce competitors effectively. Due to the efficiency and the high speed of Volvo S60, it is the perfect automobile to use in competitive tournaments in the modern society. If sportsmen love driving the Volvo S60, then drivers in Allentown who just want something fun to drive will really love it!

Additionally, unlike the other highly efficient vehicles, the Volvo S60 is affordable. If you are ready to get behind the wheel of a new Volvo S60, look no further! Visit Scott Volvo of Allentown and test drive one today!