Introducing G-Vectoring Control: A New Mazda SkyActiv Technology!

G-Vectoring Control Pennsylvania

You already take advantage of SkyActiv technology every time you drive your Mazda around Pennsylvania. Between the SkyActiv engines, transmissions, and chassis designs, Mazdas deliver great performance and fuel economy. Mazda is taking its SkyActiv technology a step further with the new G-Vectoring Control, which will first appear in Japan.

Introducing G-Vectoring Control

G-Vectoring Control is the first in a group of new-generation motion control technologies known as SkyActiv-Vehicle Dynamics. It will be introduced on the Mazda Axela in Japan, which is the Mazda3 to Americans. Eventually, it will spread throughout the entire Mazda lineup. Pennsylvania drivers will get the chance to own a vehicle with this technology when the 2017 Mazda6 is released later in the year. The system was designed to be versatile; it will work with any drive type and vehicle class as long as it has a SkyActiv engine.

G-Vectoring Control Pennsylvania

What G-Vectoring Control Does

The G-Vectoring Control system is referred to as GVC. It is the very first control system in the world that varies engine torque as a response to steering inputs. This helps integrate longitudinal and lateral acceleration forces to optimize the vertical load of every wheel. The result is an efficient and smooth vehicle. Since the load on each of the tires is optimized, the car can be more in line with your intentions as a driver. This means that you will have to make fewer steering corrections, even unconscious ones.

How G-Vectoring Control Helps

Drivers on all types of roads will notice the benefits of G-Vectoring Control. It gives you a more comfortable ride and particularly improves stability and handling when the road is unpaved, snowy, or wet. You can feel a difference whether you are driving on the highway, cruising the city at a low speed, following a winding road, or even doing an emergency maneuver.

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