See the History of East Pennsylvania at Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum!

Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

The Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum is an important part of the community in Allentown and the surrounding areas, helping us remember our history. As anyone who has lived in the area for a while knows, the museum always has rotating exhibits that take a closer look at aspects of our area’s history. The current “Native Americans: A Diverse & Evolving History” exhibit is worth checking out, no matter your age. It gives you amazing insights into the history of Native Americans in Lehigh Valley.

Exhibit Details

Visiting the special exhibit of “Native Americans: A Diverse & Evolving History” is included in your museum admission. That means that those who are members of the Lehigh County Historical Society or Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum can get in for free. Non-member adults only have to pay $8, and children’s admission is just $3. The exhibit is open every day of the week except Monday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. You’ll find it at the Lehigh Valley Heritage Center at 423 W. Walnut St. right here in Allentown. Don’t worry about missing it – the exhibit runs until December 30.

What You’ll Learn

This is the newest exhibit at the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum, and it tracks the history of the Native Americans living in Pennsylvania. They have been in the area for more than 10,000 years, giving the exhibit plenty of information to cover. You will not only learn about their history but also get to view it as well via the hundreds of authentic artifacts from Native American tribes. The exhibit takes a closer look at what archaeologists have learned about the Native Americans living in Eastern Pennsylvania. It also gives you an idea of how this vibrant group’s history has impacted the current Lehigh Valley.

Other Exhibits to Explore

While at the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum, be sure to check out the other exhibits as well. The National Penn Bank Historical Exhibit Gallery hosts the permanent exhibit, which shows off the history of the Lehigh Valley. It begins with the history from before European settlers arrived and

It begins before European settlers arrived in Virginia and traces their impact. You will follow the Lenni Lenape, then the Pennsylvania Germans, and the development of some of the most important industries like iron, silk, and cement until you are brought up to the present day. As you explore the permanent exhibit, you will see everything from Lenape tools to Pennsylvania German folk art to seats that used to be on the Lehigh Valley Railroad.

There is also another temporary exhibit, “The American Presidency,” which gives you insight into the lives of the American Presidents. The exhibit includes portraits, commemorative pieces, original items, campaign buttons, and more. Learn about Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and more.

Hop in your car from Scott Family of Dealerships and head to the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum right here in Allentown, Pennsylvania to discover more about the Native Americans living in the area and other aspects of the region’s history.