Stay Safe This Fall with These Seasonal Driving Tips!

Fall Driving Tips Pennsylvania

While fall driving isn’t necessarily as dangerous as hitting Pennsylvania’s roads in the winter, it is still filled with unique hazards. You don’t want to stay complacent during the fall and put yourself at risk of a collision. Avoid this issue by knowing the dangers of fall driving and what you can do to stay safe at all times.


As the weather starts to cool off, fall mornings tend to start with plenty of fog. While it makes for some picturesque landscapes, fog is a danger while driving because of its effect on your distance perception and overall visibility. You should be especially careful when driving by water, trees, mountains, and hills. Stay safe while driving in the fog with some help from your low beams. As tempting as high beams are, they can actually bounce off the fog, creating a glare and worsening your visibility. You should also remember to drive slowly and cautiously, ensuring you stay back from the car in front.

Fallen Leaves

The dropping leaves make fall the perfect time for a hike, but when leaves end up on the road, they can create slick streets. Leaves can also hide important pavement markings, like the lane lines, along with hazards, such as potholes. Rain combined with leaves is even worse, creating an incredibly slippery surface. When driving with leaves on the ground, be sure to go more slowly than normal and never make assumptions about what is underneath that pile of foliage.

Fall Driving Tips Pennsylvania

Sun Glare

Although the sun is more active in the summer than fall, there is still plenty of glare this time of year. After you are a victim of the glare, you may have limited vision for several seconds, putting you at risk of hitting other cars, pedestrians, or other objects. Sunlight may also bounce off your rearview mirror. Be sure to keep a pair of sunglasses on hand to help prevent the harmful effects of the glare on your vision.

For more fall driving tips or to find your perfect vehicle, visit the Scott Family of Dealerships in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Ask about the latest safety features for extra protection this fall.