Why the Volvo XC90 Is the Best Car of 2016!

Volvo XC90 Allentown

The Volvo XC90 is a large and luxurious SUV. It is also the Best Car of 2016, according to Cars.com. The vehicle officially earned the Best of 2016 title earlier this year. The editors say that this is largely due to execution. If you get the chance to take the XC90 for a spin, you will easily see why Cars.com declared it the winner.

Cars.com Reasons for the Best Car of 2016 Win

If you compare the specs of the Volvo XC90 to other luxury SUVs, it will look very similar. It mostly stands out with its exterior styling and safety features. It is impossible to underplay the safety, however, as the Volvo’s active-safety technologies go far past the competition. The collision protection and avoidance work in specific situations, like turning in front of a moving vehicle.

When you are behind the wheel, you will be treated to high-quality features throughout the cabin, a feeling that spreads to the mechanical controls. The central control screen puts you in charge of the majority of functions. It is executed well so there is no concern about usability. The system responds quickly and has clear menus. Cars.com also appreciates that Volvo doesn’t mess with a good thing, leaving the traditional gear selector in place.

Volvo XC90 Allentown

Volvo XC90’s Small and Powerful Engine

The Cars.com editors were also impressed by the 2-liter 4-cylinder with a turbocharger and supercharger. This combination gives you the fuel-sipping habits of a small engine with the spirited acceleration of a larger one. While driving around Pennsylvania, you will appreciate the XC90’s 4-Corner Air Suspension that gives you perhaps the most comfortable ride in the class.

Whether you want a family vehicle or simply appreciate having the Best Car of 2016 take you around Allentown, Pennsylvania, the professionals at the Scott Family of Dealerships can answer your questions and help you arrange a test drive.