Are You Washing Your Car’s Paint Properly?!

Washing Car Allentown

Taking care of your car takes all forms. You need to stay up to date with regular maintenance and pay attention to how it looks. Keeping your car clean is one of the most important steps to caring for it. This gives your Volvo, Cadillac, or other model a like-new appearance and prevents damage to the paint or even rust. It may seem simple to wash your car, but there is actually a right way and a wrong way to do so. By washing it properly, you protect the paint instead of accidentally creating fine scratches or swirls on the paint.

What to Use When Washing Your Car’s Paint

Start by using the right materials to wash your car’s paint. You should get a few large buckets, preferably 5-gallon size. They should have a grit guard along the bottom since these let dirt stay on the bottom no matter how many times you dump your wash mitt inside. You should also get a wash mitt designed for cars so it doesn’t scratch the surface. Of course, you also need plenty of water and some designated paint soap. A hose or power washer will also be helpful.

Washing Car Allentown

What to Do When Washing Car’s Paint

Start by putting a squirt of paint soap on each of the following areas: the bottom of the bucket, inside of the mitt, and the outside of the washing mitt. You can now fill this bucket up three-quarters of the way using water. Do the same with the second bucket, without adding the soap so you can use this for rinsing your mitt.

First, rinse the paint along the bottom third of your vehicle since this is where there is the most dirt. Use your hose to help you out or even a power washer. Right after you finish your pre-rinse, use the wash mitt, rubbing it in straight lines going from the top to the bottom. Be sure to rinse off the mitt every five to six swipes based on how much dirt there is. Always dunk it in the rinse bucket and then the bucket with soapy water.

After you are done, rinse the area of paint you cleaned, going from the top to the bottom. At the end, use a damp microfiber towel with your favorite drying agent to get rid of any standing water.

Special Notes for Washing Your Car’s Paint

You may want to use a separate wash mitt for cleaning your car’s rocker panel since this area is typically very dirty. Remember that you may have to wash and rinse a very small section of your car at a time to avoid drying stains from the soap. You can minimize this risk by timing the wash so it isn’t as bright out.

If the process of cleaning your car’s paint properly seems too daunting or you just don’t have the time, you can always have the service center at Scott Family Dealerships in Allentown, Pennsylvania, do the job for you.