What’s New for the 2017 XC90?!

2017 Volvo xc90 white

Volvo has a reputation for going bigger and better with each update, so people have been anxiously waiting to find out what to expect with the 2017 XC90. The 2016 model won Motor Trend’s 2016 SUV of the Year, so people have wondered how Volvo could top it. It turns out that the company had a few tricks up its sleeve when it created the 2017 version.

New Semi-Autonomous Driving Features

Autonomous driving is the wave of the future, but you don’t have to wait for the future to come to get in on the action. The 2017 XC90 has tons of exciting semi-autonomous driving features that make driving easier and safer. Pilot Assist II is the most exciting of the features. This feature enables the vehicle to follow highways at speeds as high as 80 mpg. The vehicle is also outfitted with Run-Off Road Mitigation that keeps the car on the road. It even has large animal detection so you can stop worrying about hitting deer when you drive at night.

New Luxurious Options

Volvo always knows how to bring the luxury, but the X90 Excellence trim shows the automaker is upping its game. From the handcrafted crystal glasses to the individually adjustable backseats with a massage feature, this vehicle has one luxurious touch after the next. It even has a refrigerator and two folding tables, along with a cupholder that can heat or cool your drink. This trim comes as a T8 plugin hybrid, so you even save at the pump.

Updated On Call App

It’s also worth noting that Volvo’s On Call smartphone app has undergone a change that makes driving the XC90 even more fun. Now, you can connect it to your personal calendar and it is compatible with Windows 10. Be sure to connect your new XC90 to the app so you can enjoy all of the cool features.

Now that you’ve learned more about the 2017 XC90, your current vehicle probably seems a little dated. Get an upgrade at Scott Family of Dealerships in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Then, you can enjoy all of these exciting features.